How to migrate websites and not lose traffic?

Avoid the risk of loosing high traffic volumes to your website by securing your website migration project with the help of experienced migration experts.

Why migrating websites can go wrong?

Many parameters are involved when migrating your website, such as the selection of content management system (CMS) which have impact on URL structure, implications on server side vs. client side generated content, graphical design and handling of the legacy web site.

Even with a perfect migration a slight initial drop in organic search traffic is not uncommon as a result of search engines re-evaluating the site.

Migrating your web site can be compared to a multi variate test with many parameters being changed at the same time. Here two approaches can be made. The “evolutionary” vs. “revolutionary” approach. Irrespective of path taken it is paramount to reduce the risk of loosing traffic during a website switch and to build the foundation long term to beat current traffic volumes and website conversions.

How can this be mitigated?

Google webmaster guidelines cover areas of importance such as technology, design, quality and content. In addition to the above it is critical to migrate all legacy SEO value to the new platform in the correct manner. To ensure site performance it is equally important to secure user experience and conversion both from a user perspective, as well as from the persona of the search engine. The latter is very much related to making the website as understandable to search engine robots as it is for humans.

How it is carried out?

You will not get a report. Roy believes in being proactively integrated on location within your team. Full transparency and the ability to influence all affected areas is our solution.
Included is a consultant delivering on components such as Analysis, Strategy, backlog prioritization after effort/impact and project management and quality assessment ensuring things get done correctly.

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