SEO and Analytics Experts

Roy App are focused on helping organisations and business grow through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and data-driven decisions through Analytics.

What We Do

We don't do reports.

We take care of your developers and designers and ensure you get results. It is hard work from us and from you. There is no shortcut.

Many, many small contributions will make an impact.

Therefore we suggest that during analysis, we don't do any reports, but straight go and create tickets/tasks for the developers.

Developers implement tickets as soon as possible. Some tickets will take just a few minutes to implement, others may be larger projects requiring a lot of effort. A ticket may contain some background information to justify itself. If we found a huge root cause and get a good-enough result early on, we can finish the project there and then.

Just Us: David, Björn & Anders

Not the traditional agency. It is just us. We are very experienced and do not use junior consultants.

We don't waste time on reports or presentations unless it is to educate an editor or a developer.

Case: New Brand in Very Competitive Search Market

A new service with editorial content was getting most of its traffic from sponsored posts on Facebook and through Google Ads. The service had good content, but had not been thinking about SEO.

  1. Initial analysis
    First month we did content and technical analysis.
  2. First implementation
    We started publishing technical fixes.
  3. New editorial direction
    Early summer the new content strategy with SEO in mind was launched.
  4. First editorial
    Early fall we had one article really top the rankings, yielding SEO momentum for the entire site. It was written based off the SEO content strategy

Our assignment ended late October. The client continued following the producing editorial content according to the strategy we helped them develop. It involved tone, kind of content, keyword analysis etc.

Thanks to "free" organic traffic, the client decided to draw down on advertising on Facebook and Google Ads, while still remaining the same amount of total traffic.

Now they use their Ads budget to experiment with new editorial areas, before committing to producing content

Project: Ensure Consistent Rankings after Migration

A business is about to migrate to a new platform. This will yield a new design and a new URL structure, but all the underlying content is the same.


Doing everything correct with redirects and no errors – you will still get a drop in rankings. Google has to reevaluate everything.

Therefore we have to add something to the site to combat this inevitable drop.

Analysis is required with a focus on technical fundamentals (redirects, meta data, content) and E-A-T (a typical your-money-or-our-life site due to high- price purchases).

5-week Project + Launch

The SEO works 20 hours/week for 5 weeks and developers implement as soon as they get their tickets. After about a week of analysis, tickets will start becoming available.

At launch, the SEO checks all old links and new content.


To make this work we need the following:

  • Access to Google Search Console and Google Analytics
  • Become a team member in ticket system such as JIRA, Trello or similar
  • Contact with all stakeholders (developers, designers, product manager) either on site, on Slack/Skype/Hangouts