About Roy App

We're pretty good at search engine optimization (SEO), analytics (GTM, GA), data science, and software development.

Consulting: only if it is difficult!

We enjoy hard challenges. Have no idea how to solve it, and if it is even possible? Reach out.

We are working closely with your digital business, and some typical consulting work we undertake are:

  • SEO analysis and content strategy
  • SEO platform migration
  • Tracking and validation of web with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics
  • Tracking and validation of apps with Google Firebase
  • Analysis of behavioral data in e.g. Google BigQuery
  • Digital marketing plan
  • YouTube & Twitch analysis and audience development
  • And related stuff - we try to only do things that are pretty difficult.

Case and exemples on how we work.


Contact details


Organisation number:
556951-1032 (Hitta, AllaBolag)

VAT number:


Södra hamnvägen 9,
115 41 Stockholm, Sweden


Keyword Provider gives you organic keywords in Google Analytics. Only available to enterprise customers.

Previously we sold a service called Unsampler. It's been discontinued since 2015.