SEO in Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics to analyse SEO ranking positions for organic keywords.

  • Unlock (not provided) in Google Analytics’ Organic Keywords reports!
  • SEO Ranking for Organic Keywords
  • All languages
  • Affordable! Starting at $10 USD/month
  • Conversions and bounce rate tied to organic keywords
  • Reporting on keywords and rankings is way easier because it is done in Google Analytics.

No longer will you need Excel or an external database to merge organic data from Google Analytics with keyword data from Google Search Console.

What is SEO in Google Analytics with Keyword Provider?

You modify your Google Analytics tracking by adding Keyword Provider, which gives you estimation of your organic search keywords and the keyword ranking position in the search result.

Like things used to be – organic keywords as traffic source

The delivered keyword will override the (not provided) traffic. This will populate the standard Organic Keyword report.

The standard reports in Google Analytics are pre-aggregated, which means they are unsampled.

Effects of not having (not provided) in Google Analytics
Because the Keyword Provider will override the (not provided) keyword, and Google Analytics counts each new traffic source as a new session – you will most likely get an increase in organic sessions. This is not a boost due to the Keyword Provider, it is just another way of calculating sessions and more accurately reflecting the current behavior of users going back and forth in the search result. If Google hadn’t made search more secure, this is what your numbers would have looked like today.


Quickly install once. Zero maintenance.

Simply update your Google Analytics script with one line of code, and add the Keyword Provider snippet.

Here’s how to install the Keyword Provider script

With Google Tag Manager it takes a couple of minutes, and the data will come as soon as you publish your new container.

Pay as you go – only on delivered keywords

We will only charge you for the data we deliver.

Read more on Pricing

No new signups

Keyword Provider won’t be in service from May 15th, 2018.

How does it work?

The Keyword Provider snippet is activated once you have Google organic traffic. If it is from an organic Google click, it sees if it can provide data for that landing page. If there is keyword data available, an algorithm will select the most probable keyword, and deliver it. You can then set either as a custom dimension or simply override the (not provided) keyword with the delivered keyword.

Using estimated keywords, we guard the privacy of users, while still adding the insights marketers and analysts need to optimize landing pages and analyze traffic sources. It’s in the same spirit as why Google made search more secure (HTTPS) from the first place – the privacy of users.

Advanced option: use custom dimensions

Having set up custom dimensions in Google Analytics, Keyword Provider kan set them with the delivered keyword data. This gives very clear reporting because custom dimensions can be named to Provided Keyword, Provided Database, and Provided Position which is very clear to the user.

Custom Dimensions set up in Google Analytics

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