Other ways to find not provided keywords

Keyword Provider

Keyword Provider is our own tool that finds what keywords you rank for and instantly tracks them in Google Analytics so you actually can use the keyword reports.

Learn how to analyze organic traffic in Google Analytics

Landing Page Method

Read this blog post and “method 1” on the KissMetrics blog to use the landing page method.

Google Search Console’s (formerly known as Webmaster Tools) Search Analytics

Set up your website with Google Search Console – this is good SEO practice, you should have done it already.

Then go to Search Traffic › Search Analytics and analyse the keywords you get. Unfortunately it is very limited for larger sites – only giving you a maximum of 999 rows per whatever report you’re looking at.

Keyword Trackers

With a keyword tracker, you manually enter the keywords you think you rank for, and the tracker keeps searching these keywords every day and gives you a list of rankings.

Keyword Aggregators

There are quite a few services which search the most common keywords every day and build indices and lookup databases which can be really good for competitive SEO analysis:

  • SEMrush
    Have many different regions and a really nice API to query.

  • SearchMetrics
    For some regions, pretty good coverage on keywords

One thing to remember with the keyword aggregators, if they show a visibility index or a score, it is based on the keywords they track. You should investigate how many keywords they track for your local search, and evalute what those keywords are. Often they can miss local brand keywords or a specific topic of niche sites. However, for a general overview – they are great!

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