Pricing for Keyword Provider

$10 per month
CPM 10¢ on clicks above 10,000 deliveries.
30-day free trial

$10 monthly fee + 10¢ CPM

Includes 10,000 monthly click deliveries. Above that, it costs 10¢ per thousand delivered clicks.

What do you mean click deliveries?

You only want to pay for what you get, therefore we only charge you if we can deliver keywords on your organic clicks.

A click is delivered, once a visit has an organic referrer to which we can estimate a probable keyword and ranking position.

My site has 15,000 monthly organic clicks, how much will I pay?

Depending on the way your site is structured and your traffic patterns, delivery rates can differ between 70-90% of the organic traffic.

Let’s say you have 15,000 clicks from Google organic to your site, and Keyword Provider match on 14,000 of those. You get the first 10,000 clicks included in the monthly price, and then we’ll charge for the additional 4,000 clicks with a CPM of 10¢ = $10 + 40¢ = $10.40.

Use the 30-day free trial

To help you estimate your costs, use the 30-day trial without a need for credit card. Once the 30 days are up, you will have a really good hint of what your future costs will be.

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