Set up organic keywords with the Google Analytics script

How to unlock (not provided) from the Organic Keywords report. Set-up instructions for Keyword Provider by modifying the Google Analytics script.

What to expect

Using this guide, you will be able to set up Keyword Provider by modifying the Google Analytics script and have provided keyword data overriding the campaign keyword field.

Google Analytics Organic Keywords Report with Provided Keyword Data

What you’ll need:

  • Modifying rights to your Google Analytics script
  • Restricted, Full, or Owner access to your Google Search Console account

Create a Keyword Provider Account and get an Account ID

Follow this link to set up your Keyword Provider account in the customer portal.

Authorize Google Search Console access to Keyword Provider

From the customer portal, give Keyword Provider access to your site’s Search Console data.

You can revoke Keyword Provider’s access to your Search Console data at any time on your Google Account permission page.

Modify the Google Analytics script

Modify the script and add ga(‘require’, ‘RoyAppKeywordProvider’); after ‘create’, but before ‘send’:

Add the Keyword Provider snippet after the Google Analytics script

Use the script generated for you in the customer portal.

Add this script block after your Google Analytics snippet.


Publish your changes and start analysing organic keywords!

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