What is (not provided)?

Analytics tools don’t know which keyword was used in an organic search query coming to your site. Google Analytics call it (not provided) keywords.

Why is there (not provided)?

Since 2011, Google stopped passing the search query as a referrer on organic searches. All analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Adobe Omniture SiteCatalyst, ComScore Digital Analytix, etc, can’t know what keywords were used in the search. Google Analytics calls these keywords (not provided).

Google Analytics 360 (formerly Premium) and (not provided)

Unfortunately, the move to stop passing the search query was made by the Google Search team, which is not related to the Google Analytics team.

Therefore, buying Google Analytics 360 (Premium) will not get you (not provided) back.

How can I explain the value of purchasing Keyword Provider to my boss?

Tell your boss this:

Keyword Provider help you better understand your audience.

Up until now, your business only know how much traffic you receive from Google’s non-paid search results.

What you don’t know is neither if you rank well nor what search terms your audience is using to find your content.

You also don’t know if your content talks the same language as your target audience.

Keyword Provider will answer the above by giving an estimated keyword for each organic search traffic visit and publish this data into Google Analytics.

Analyse the provided keywords using these techniques in Google Analytics

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